‘Sick cow’ meat scandal in Poland: fears raised over other slaughterhouses (The Guardian)

Photograph courtesy of Superwizjer TVN

The practice of smuggling sick cows into the meat chain is feared to be more widespread in Poland than previously believed, according to the investigative reporter who captured footage of ill cows being dragged to slaughter with a winch.

After Patryk Szczepaniak’s undercover footage aired, the EU’s rapid alert system for food and feed was triggered, and it has since been confirmed that meat from this particular abattoir was exported to 12 other EU countries (not including the UK).

The Polish authorities have since shut down the slaughterhouse, and EU officials will travel to Poland on Monday to monitor events.

But Szczepaniak has challenged claims by the Polish veterinary authorities that the scandal was an isolated incident, citing evidence of a much wider black market in meat from sick cows operating across Poland.

You can read my report for the Guardian here, and my first report about Patryk’s findings here.

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